BNU's position on BC's Institutional Master Plan

The primary interest of Brighton Neighbors United (BNU) is to preserve the residential character of the neighborhood.  BNU accepts a large portion of the Institutional Master Plan (IMP) as proposed by Boston College.  However, there are some aspects of the IMP that are very troubling.

Boston College officials have failed to respond to the community's requests for change to its IMP, which would minimize impact on the surrounding neighborhood.  Time and again, Boston College’s officials have publicly rejected the input and most fervent wishes of the majority of the community.  Time and again, Boston College has made a mockery of the democratic consultative IMP process established by Mayor Menino.  

Consequently, BNU has decided to respectfully request Mayor Menino and the BRA to require the College to submit a revised Institutional Master Plan, which would take into consideration the Community’s request for:

   100% student housing on the College’s Chestnut Hill and Newton
        Campuses (no dormitories on the former Archdiocese property);

   • maintaining current zoning of 2000 Commonwealth Avenue; and

   • no stadiums on the former Archdiocese property but rather
        maintain the existing playing fields as they are. 

BNU continues to welcome the renewal and expansion of Boston College’s facilities for academic uses. 

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