BC IMP Article 80 Process

Boston College began its latest Institutional Master Plan (IMP) process over a year ago.  The IMP was officially filed on June 20, 2008.  The City's procedures and standards for this review appear in Article 80.

Threats to the Community in BC's IMP:

BNU perceives the following elements to be the main threats to the community’s well being:

    * Undergraduate dormitories on the former Archdiocese property
    * Undergraduate dormitory at 2000 Commonwealth Avenue
    * Refusal to house 100% of its students on the main campus
    * Construction of baseball stadium with 1,500 seats on the former Archdiocese
    * Construction of softball stadium with 500 seats on the former Archdiocese
    * Construction of 500 space parking garage on the former Archdiocese 
    * Closing of St. Thomas More Road
    * Refusal to commit to conservation easements

Click here to see BNU's position on the BC Institutional Master Plan.

Evaluate for yourself the opposition to BC's proposal!

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